A Day Trip To Tropical Hyams Beach

Hyams beach

It’s been a while, too long since my last post. I have been prioritising a little bit differently, and my focus has been on other things lately. Now I’m happy that I’m finally sitting here on my balcony, typing and sipping freshly brewed coffee. Sunday it is, and soon I will take the ferry from Manly to the city. This has become my weekend habit, enjoying a ferry ride instead of taking a bus. This time I’m going to Bondi beach. Catching up with my friend while we do the Bondi to Coogee walk together. When I started to think about my next post, sharing our day trip to tropical Hyams beach came to my mind first. It is part of the Jervis Bay area and only a few hours drive away from Sydney, which makes it a perfect spot for a day trip!

Holiday Vibes at Hyams Beach

When we walked at the beach, it was almost too shiny to watch. Every step was feeling soft and the sand was making a funny noise while walking on it. I’m not surprised this beach is famous for beautiful white sand and clear blue water. The waves were gentle, and the calming sound made me feel like I’m on a holiday while flowing with soothing waves and looking up to the sky. Such a wonderful day, enjoying the sun & swimming a lot. I felt like being a kid again. Diving until I just couldn’t keep my breath anymore, jumping to the water from others shoulders and having a laugh from the bottom of my stomach. This is a memory a few weeks back when I joined a group of friends for a day trip to Hyams beach. I cherish this memory with warmth at my heart!

I hope you had time to recharge this weekend and feeling fresh for the new week ahead of us!

xx Jonna

Hyams beach

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