Who is JonnaTatjana?

In my opinion, a person keeps changing & growing all the time. I’m not the same person as I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be a little bit wiser than I’m today. At least I hope so! Still, we all have that main character of ours and things we are interested in this life. When describing myself in one sentence I would say I’m a health nut & deep thinking person from Finland who has a passion to travel & explore the world!

In daily life, I like staying active and maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle. I enjoy workouts at the gym, walks outside surrounded by nature and my newest Sydney activities surfing & Sticks & Towels! I studied international marketing and sales & I’m an aspiring marketing professional. Most of my work life I have been working as a salesperson and one of my goals in life is to start my own business someday.

Positivity + kindness + gratitude = magic!

I believe focusing on the positive aspects of living. My dad passing away around 2 years ago was the moment when my biggest fear became reality. That was also a realisation that life is going to throw lots of sad & bad happenings later on as well. So, when making the choice between embracing the good things & have a happy life OR focus on the negativity & be unhappy I choose positivity. All of us are having our challenges and no one is special. What we can do is to be good to each other and build ourselves a life that we are happy to be living! Be grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life!

Why blogging is the question?

After graduating from Lapland university of applied sciences in 2018, I found my interest in reading & writing again. I remember being a huge fan of Silver Fang when I was a kid and I created a fan page for that fighting dog. I used so much time on that webpage and enjoyed it a lot. My interest in writing & being creative came up during upper comprehensive school. I remember wanting to be a writer/journalist. When the time came and I was supposed to apply to school, I had no idea.. So I went to high school to have some extra time and decide what to study. I’m not one of those people who has known their entire lives what they want to be doing when they grow up. I still don’t know where I’m ending up eventually. What I know for sure is to try lots of different things in this lifetime to know if I like something or not by my own experience of doing so.

If you managed to read all of this little story of mine, let me say I’m happy to see you reading my blog – thank you! I hope to see you later on as well 🙂



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