Collins Flat Beach – Sydney

Collins flat beach

On my previous post, I was having a stress-free moment at the beach. I like being near the sea, it has calming vibes. So, that’s why I like going there often! I’m giving you some beach vibes again and sharing my Collins Flat Beach visit.

Cozy Atmosphere

Collins Flat Beach is located in Manly, about 20-30 minutes walk from Manly beach. I guess all the beaches are quiet now when it’s winter time here. But this one was super quiet and cozy! Walk to this beach was nice. Just before we got the beach there was about 10-minute walk when we were surrounded by a lot of trees while birds are singing. We spotted some parrots up high on the trees and one opossum sitting next to the road. Check here for more information about this amazing little beach!

Collins Flat Beach IS A GREAT Spot For A Date!

When you get out of the path and step on the sand, there is a cute waterfall welcoming you on the beach. We got there when the sun was going down and it’s always a breathtaking view. The beach seemed peaceful and an excellent spot to have a picnic with friends, family or a special someone. I’m not surprised if people go there for a romantic date, there was a small cliff where you can climb and enjoy the sunset while looking at the sea!

If you like little peaceful beaches to enjoy the sun and have a swim with a view of the harbor, Collins Flat Beach is one to try!

I hope you are having a great day 🙂



collins flat beach

collins flat beach

collins flat beach


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