I Want You To Meet Someone Special

meet someone special

These creatures can be quite noisy and therefore make people wake up really early in the morning. Especially when it’s a day off and possible to sleep longer. Them singing sounds like a laugh, so it seems they are waking you up on purpose and that’s why it feels extra annoying. They are meat eaters and accepts a piece of meat from humans if offered. I’m talking about Kookaburras, other words laughing birds!

When I moved to Manly, I got to meet Kookaburras more closely. These birds really are noisy, and there is a few of them in my backyard. First weeks I woke up every morning them singing early. It sounds like they are laughing this really evil laugh! Now I’m so used to them singing, and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have got kind fond of one special Kookaburra!


I recognise this little guy because his leg is always in a weird position. I was worried first, but I noticed the leg isn’t bothering him and he seems to be doing just fine. He comes to our balcony quite often, and I just love seeing him sitting there! So, I decided to give him a name. I was thinking about naming him either Harvey or Oliver. So, I asked people which one is the best name, and now he is Oliver! I’m not actually sure if Oliver is she or he. I hope he/she is happy with the new name 😀

This weekend is about to come to an end, and a new week is ahead of us. We wish you are going to have a week full of joy and laughter. Not evil kind of laugh tho! (Oliver might disagree).


meet someone special



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