Manly To Spit Bridge Walk – Feeling Alive


Do you know the feeling of being alive? I mean this question in an emotional way. Those moments when you are fully present and having strong emotions. I had one strong “I feel so alive” moment when I was doing a Manly to spit bridge walk.

Moments Of Joy

Manly to spit bridge is one of Sydney’s coastal walks and it takes a few hours to complete it. We started the walk from Manly wharf but you can also do it opposite way and start at spit bridge in Mosman. This one is a great bushwalk with breathtaking views and beaches to take a break or swim if you like to! More details Manly to Spit bridge.

I’m more than grateful to have moments of being overwhelmed with joy. After my dad passed away, I still find myself being kinda empty inside and feeling nothing time to time. It’s hard to accept that you are trying to make the most of your life and still, being so emotionally numb. So having these small moments of feeling happy reminds me emotional numbness is not permanent. It’s important to keep doing things that you enjoy and brings happiness to your life.

Manly To Spit Bridge & Beautiful Nature

In a half way of our walk, I started to think, how alive I felt. How couldn’t I, had to be in an alert for spiders or slithering snakes… Just kidding 😀 Didn’t saw any spiders or snakes but instead got to see two beautiful parrots! Breathing the fresh air, seeing the view and not hearing any noise of traffic made me realize how good it felt in that moment. Surrounded by nature and good company to have a conversation with = great combo :)Soul food for sure but this walk was also a good workout because of the versatile route! In the beginning, it was mostly uphill and the end downhill. There were stairs to climb up and down, stones to watch out for. Definitely going to do this walk again but there are few other coastal walks to try as well. Next one is going to be Bondi to Coogee walk.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! 🙂


manly to spit bridge

manly to spit bridge

manly to spit bridge

manly to spit bridge

manly to spit bridge


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