Reasons To Do Things Alone

reasons to do things alone

Do you know the feeling of being uncomfortable doing things alone? I get it, thinking about eating in a restaurant alone seems a little bit awkward, going to the cinema solo embarrassing or traveling just by yourself boring? When you think about it more, there is a first time for everything and when trying something new, you always see it wasn’t that bad after all!

It Started From A Lunch

I used to be that girl who didn’t want to eat alone in a restaurant or go to movies without a friend. Until I did it and it changed my way of thinking a lot! I still remember the day when my journey of doing lots of activities alone started.

I was living in Alkmaar and for some reason I decided to have lunch alone, which before felt just uncomfortable for me to even think about. So, there I was sitting, alone, about to order and watching around me because there was no one in front of me to look at and talk. At first, I didn’t know how to be and were scrolling my phone while waiting for the meal. I ended hiding my phone because using it felt weird to me at that moment. I actually enjoyed my meal mindfully and still remember what I was eating – salmon salad with a bagel on the side, didn’t like the taste of basil dressing in the salad so after that I usually have the salad without it. Can’t wait to have lunch at Bagels & Beans soon!! At the end of my very first lunch alone I was super happy. Even when I was uncomfortable at first, I did it and wanted to start doing more things alone.

Today, it’s totally normal for me and I enjoy “me time” and sometimes even prefer going alone instead of asking someone to join me. I experienced The Lights Of Christmas by myself and a few weeks ago I had a little solo trip to Melbourne & Adelaide. Going to share my city holidays soon. In my experience, being comfortable doing activities alone and finding joy just by yourself increases happiness and it is just one of the reasons to do things alone.

Reasons To Do Things Alone:

  • Setting your own schedule and be able to change your mind about the plans! You can take your time and do some rescheduling if you feel like it.
  • Getting to know yourself better. When it’s just you making the decision what to do, you actually make the decision depending on your interests and get to discover what you enjoy the most.
  • Becoming more mindful. When you are able to focus without distraction, you can see and feel your surroundings better. Enjoy the moment!
  • Easier to face your fears. It’s a realisation for you to face lots of other things in this life and stop fear being an obstacle.
  • You will be more independent.
  • Experience more! Don’t miss out activities of your interest only because no one of your friends or family members are not interested.

So if you haven’t tried this before, give it a try. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret 🙂 it might even be beginning of a wonderful journey of yours!



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