Results Of Avoiding The Word Busy


Do you find yourself often saying you are busy? You might have a lot to do at work or studies take the most of your time. The calendar is packed with meetings, gatherings or activities. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up and you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lately, I have been having a lot of things going on. Still, I keep trying to avoid the word busy. I want to share this because eliminating the word changed how I feel during the day so much!

Saying “I’m Busy” HaD A Negative Effect On My Mindset

Previously I had this feeling of having a chaos in my head. That happened often. Almost like I didn’t have the control of my time. Something else had, and I was just trying to keep up. It’s not a good feeling, and I don’t want to spend my day in that way. After listening to a podcast where the discussion was about people saying they are busy and what an effect it has, I wanted to give it a try and stop using the word. Just to see if it actually has such a negative impact. I can definitely feel how huge the difference is!

Being Busy Is Not Fun

Now I see how using the word made me struggling because the thought of being busy, took all the fun out of the tasks I was doing. Even, when it was my choice to do all the things! It’s almost like ‘being busy’ isn’t your decision and it’s not like that at all! When I started to avoid the sentence “I’m busy”, I replaced it by thinking “these are the things I’m doing or going to do”. Also, when someone asks how I’m doing, I try to describe exactly what I have been up to or feeling lately. Responding quickly by saying “being busy” is not an option anymore. I got this realisation that after all, it’s all about prioritising and focusing on the most important tasks. It’s my decision what I’m doing and how much. I have control of my time and nothing else does.

You can make a choice

Those times when I have things to do and might feel a bit tired, I ask myself “is this a choice I have made? Do I want to do it and why?” It gives me a flash of wit every time! If the answer is no, something needs to be changed. This is simply making me feel good because I remember that I have control of my decisions. I’m actually doing what I want and it’s okay if it takes more time of my day. Therefore I’m more excited and enjoy more of the tasks I have on my plate! Also, this change of thoughts helped me realise that I can also prioritise differently and reschedule if something feels too overwhelming.

So, eliminating the word busy really helped me to get the chaos out of my head. By changing my way of thinking I got my mindset to new levels! Totally worth of trying. Changing old habits is not easy and still, I find myself almost responding the way I used to but I keep trying not to. At that point, I just take a moment to rethink before my response. I know the word busy is not doing any good to my mindset so I want to keep avoiding it. Have you got good results of avoiding the word? 🙂


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