Stress-Free Moment At The Beach


Do you know the feeling when something makes you calm and stress-free? Even just for a while. For me that something is the beach – sound of splashing waves and the sea breeze on my face. Also not to forget how beautiful the ocean and the beach looks like. Such a good place to take a deep breath and get some time for yourself.

What Makes You Feel Stress-Free?

Time to time, I find myself being anxious and feeling stressed. Even when I try to avoid that as much as I can. Sometimes it’s just so hard not to feel stressed, right? I like going to the gym and have a workout to make myself feel better. But this time going to the beach totally did the magic. The moment of sitting at the beach and listening to the soothing waves. Just watching the beautiful turquoise water. It made me feel like there is no need to worry about anything. When things get on your shoulders too much, it’s good to find a way which is the most suitable for you to get relief for stress. Check here for some tips, how to avoid stress.

For me, it’s hard to find good coffee over here. I like to try local cafeterias but this time I was happy to have coffee from Starbucks. Just because I like brewed coffee, and they make some. Not all the cafeterias have that on their list. That coffee tasted like it was from HEAVEN. The Moment of looking at the sea while enjoying regular brewed coffee and having a conversation with friends made my Sunday!  It was a good mix of things I enjoy, so maybe that’s the reason why I felt so stress-free at the moment.

Have a happy day! 🙂



On my previous post, I was admiring something else than the sea!

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