The Vivid Light Festival

vivid light festival
The vivid light festival was held 25th May – 16th Jun in Sydney Harbour. Before going to see the lights, I heard a lot of people saying it’s something to experience while being in Sydney. I wanted to see what people were talking about so the other evening I went to see the event with a friend. As the name says, it’s is a festival full of lights.

Me Deep Thinking Again!

The very first thought I had when going to Harbour and seeing the place full of lights.. how much money and electricity it must take to hold it. Haha, I just can’t help myself with those thoughts. Every time I see something huge what is made by humans it comes to my mind. Don’t take me wrong! I think it’s lovely this kind of events are organized so people can visit and make memories together. I’m that kind of a person who enjoys more of admiring the beauty of nature. But still, one of my favorite thing when traveling is to admire the architecture of different cities, especially old buildings.

Glorious Vivid Light Festival

The evening was great and there was a lot of good vibes when walking around and admiring all the lights, sculptures, and music. I felt like people were in a happy mood and enjoying their time together. We walked from Circular Quay to Botanic gardens. Harbour bridge was beautiful with colors on and the roof of Opera House was showing moving pictures.

My personal favorite was one in Botanic gardens. Flashing lights made look like those were in a pond under big trees. There was music with a voice speaking. I remember him saying “one day we all grow up”.. Don’t know about that but okay if you say so…
At the end of our Vivid experience, we got some warm drinks and delicious cakes in Belgian chocolate cafe, Quylian The Rocks. There is also one these cafeterias in Circular Quay. I like this one located in The Rocks. There are great vibes and friendly staff = perfect!

Vivid is definitely something to experience when being in Sydney and I’m happy I got to see it.

I hope you will have a good week 🙂



vivid light festival


vivid light festival



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