Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live!


I fell in love with Manly from the first time I visited the area. When I moved to Sydney, I was living in Lane Cove which is a lovely suburb just 10 minutes bus drive from the city. Thus, it took quite a bit going to the beach. The best part of living in Sydney is the combination of beach lifestyle and city vibes! And for me, it’s important to live a short distance from the beach when living in Australia. After living in Manly for some time, I gathered some of the reason why manly is my happy place!

Easy Access To The City

I have heard so many times from people that Manly is too far. In my opinion, it’s not! It depends on what are the places you want to be close to. Of course, it’s far if you are working a long distance from the city as well. At some point, my job took me quite far from the city area and I needed to use 4 hours total a day just to go to work and back home. Totally worth it. But if you are working in the city or like going there just for fun, busses and ferry’s are going to the city from Manly all the time and takes only 20-60 minutes depending on the ride you want to take!

Walking Barefoot..

..is the best thing ever! When I moved to Manly, I noticed lots of people walking on the streets without shoes! Soon I found myself walking most of the time from the beach back home barefoot. What a feeling of freedom when grounding with the earth!

Good Variety Of Activities To Choose From

Manly has some beautiful coastal walks if in need of fresh air and some movement but there is also other activities to do as well! If you like going to the gym, play tennis, volleyball, practicing yoga, swimming, surfing, meditation.. feels like the list is endless! And most of these activities you can do at the beach. List of my favourites include surfing, Sticks & Towels (now in Curl Curl beach), gym, coastal walks & meditation at the beach.

Markets & Stores!

Every weekend there is a market going on to buy fresh fruits & veggies, lovely jewels and other handmade items to adore. What a great way to walk around and do some shopping when street musicians making the atmosphere even better! Manly has to offer some stores if you are looking for clothing or items into your home.

Easygoing Beach Vibes

Like I told before, I love walking barefoot. These two kinda go well together, still, I wanted to separate them. Manly has easygoing vibes just the way it is. There is no better way to relax than going to the beach and listen to the waves and feel the sea breeze. Or lay on the crass and read a book. It’s almost like you can feel the easy-going energy from the people around you.

Cozy Cafes & Restaurants

When having a day off, I usually do something special. I like to go for brekkie next to the beach restaurant after my work out. Some days I just have a takeaway coffee and go sit on the steps next to the beach. My favourite cafe to have coffee to go is definitely a lovely little cafe Sprout. They make the best coffee and their vegan pastries are something to try!

Great Surf Teachers!

I took surf lessons at Manly Surf School and can highly recommend if you are a beginner like me, or even if you have some experience already. The teachers made sure everyone could be at their level of training, even when beginners and people with more experience were in the same group. They made sure all were safe, gave proper instructions before & during surfing and had the best positive attitude the whole time!

Sunday Ferry Rides Just For Fun

At some point it started.. My obsession to take a ferry ride to the Circular Quay (almost) every Sunday! One time I just realised how calming it is to sit down quietly and do nothing. Sometimes I find it hard to totally relax, and in a ferry, it’s not even possible to start doing anything during that time than just be. And of course, Sunday is a good day for ferry rides for fun when it’s so much cheaper than the other days!

So many good things to say about The Northern Beaches! I have found so many enjoyable things to do with my free time in Manly, maybe that explains it feels like home to me. My advice to you – visit different areas, make a list what you value in the area you would like to live in and have easy access to. Is there all the free time activities available, do you prefer living in the city or next to the beach, how much time you are ready to use when going to work?

Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live
Manly Beach
Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live
The Corso Right Next To The Beach
Ferry Rides To The City
Brekkie At A Beach Restaurant
Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live
Weekend Markets!
Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live
Manly Surf School
Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live
Sticks & Towels (now in Curl Curl Beach)
Why Manly Is A Great Place To Live
Manly Ferry
Collins Flat Beach



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